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What's Honey Whip?


The Face behind the brAND

Hi I'm Lana! The owner and creator. I've created these quality handmade products to enhance and encourage natural hair care. It all started when I did the "big chop" in 2018. Since then, I've fell in love with natural hair. So when using my products, I want you to feel comfortable, confident and embrace every curl and strand. I want to do away with the negative connotations that come along with natural hair. "My hair is nappy" "I can't wet my hair and go" "natural AIN'T for me". Comments like those is what I want black women to rid of their vocabulary & minds when it comes to wearing their natural hair. I want every woman that use my products to know, yes YOU can wear your natural hair in a wash'n go style, YES natural hair is for you because it grew out of your scalp! Let's do away with what society has set the beauty standard to be. When using LANA ORGANIX products flaunt it with confidence, BE BOLD, AND be unapologetically NATURAL!

What people are really saying about us!

I used this conditioner in place of the conditioner that I usually use. It was great! I instantly was able to notice the difference it made my hair feel. My hair was soft and manageable while wet. I was able to run my fingers through my hair while it was wet and the blow drying was easier and more manageable.

Renita May

I wish I could give this product 10 stars! For the last 4 months my hair has been shedding and breaking off really bad due to my protein intake being so low very suddenly. After I use the Honey Whip Deep Conditioner my natural curls were so big and juicy. After blow drying my hair still had a lot of volume! This product definitely gave life back to my hair and I will be including it into my regular hair care routine! Thanks for making such an awesome product!

Paris J.

I love Lana Organix Honey Whip. As a loctician, it’s important for my clients curl pattern to pop. That way I can give them the best coils for their starter locs. Honey Whip does a great job at enhancing and defining their curl patterns! I would recommend it to anyone.

Mariah Anderson