Frequently Asked Questions regarding Lana Organix products & general hair care. If you have questions about shipping, please visit our "Shipping" tab at the bottom of the site. Any other concerns please visit our Contact Page. 

Which one of your products should I use in order to grow my hair and lock in moisture? You can use Honey Butter or Honey Oil, whichever you prefer. They both contain the same key ingredients for hair growth and length retention. One is in a liquid form and the other in a butter form. You can use both as a sealant to lock in moisture. 

How do I use Honey Whip deep conditioner? You should start off deep conditioning on clean, damp hair. After you have washed your hair you want to part your hair into sections and apply the deep conditioner to the lengths of your hair. Never apply ANY conditioner to your scalp. Let the Honey Whip sit in your hair with a plastic cap for 30- 45 minutes. 

*** MAJOR TIP: to heighten your experience you can sit under a dry or a steamer to obtain maximum benefits. 

How do I use Honey Cream Leave-In Conditioner? Honey Cream is a cream based leave-in conditioner that can be used on dry or damp hair. You can use it while braiding or twisting your hair. Whether you are preparing for a protective style or you are simply placing your hair into a ponytail or bun. You can use Honey Cream as a daily moisturizer and for braid-out or twist-outs but it is recommended to use a foaming mousse in conjunction for extra hold when doing so. 

When should I use Honey Oil? You should use Honey Oil when you have a hairstyle that allows your scalp to be exposed and easily accessible. For instance, if you have box braids, faux locs or feed-in braids, you should be oiling your scalp using our easy applicable nozzle and applying to your scalp 2-3X a week. Using Honey Oil consistently you are sure to notice hair growth and length retention. 

When should I use Honey Butter? You should use Honey Butter when you are preparing to do a protective style. You can apply Honey Butter to your scalp and hair. You can also use Honey Butter when you want to seal in all of your hair's moisture. Using Honey Butter consistently you are sure to notice hair growth and length retention. 

My hair is dry and brittle. How can I retain length? If you are experiencing dry and brittle hair you need to deep condition once a week, deep conditioning once a week have been shown to increase moisture and in return increase length retention. After you have deep conditioned your hair,  it's important to maintain that momentum by using a leave-in conditioner and sealing all the moisture in with an oil or hair butter. Following these steps you will be sure to retain your length. 

***MAJOR TIP: Trim your ends regularly (by a professional). When you neglect to trim your ends, the split end continues to split up the hair shaft, thus, resulting in further hair damage. 

My scalp is always so dry. Why? If you are experiencing dry scalp you may want to reflect over your diet and consider the foods you are consuming on a daily basis. Most times when an individual experiences excessive dry scalp they may have a gut imbalance which causes their scalp to become inflamed and flaky. If you diet is fairly healthy, there are some remedies that treat dry scalp. Rosemary, Peppermint and Tea Tree oils are all great oils that can combat a dry, flaky scalp. When using these oils you want to be sure to dilute with a carrier oil like grape-seed or avocado oil. 

***MAJOR TIP: Rosemary water is another great alternative to combat dry, flaky scalp. Please visit our blog page to read more on Rosemary water and how to make it yourself. 

I have scalp psoriasis. I have seborrheic dermatitis. Are your products safe for me?  Yes our products are safe for you to use as normal. Our customers with these scalp conditions use all of our products safely without any inflammation or irritation to the scalp.  

How do I obtain a curl pattern? If you want to obtain your natural curl pattern it is important to abstain from heated hairstyles. If you are flat ironing, hot curling or pressing your hair as often as every 2-3 times a month, it's very likely that your hair is considered to be "HEAT TRAINED". Heat trained hair has little to no curl pattern, you may see a loose wave but typically heat trained hair is not as curly.

***MAJOR TIP: In addition to abstaining from heat, you want to start deep conditioning once a week, implementing Apple Cider Vinegar hair rinses ONCE a month and most importantly leave your hair ALONE. Invest in protective styling, this will be the easiest way to obtain your curl pattern. 

***Please refer to our blog to learn more about Apple Cider Vinegar rinses.

Are your products safe for my infant/toddler? Yes. Lana Organix products can be used on infants and toddlers. The Honey Oil and the Honey Butter are recommended for patch testing. Patch testing should be done on infants and toddlers to ensure they will not have an allergic reaction. Honey Oil and Honey Butter BOTH contain essential oils which is another reason why patch testing is recommended. Essentials oils are strong and can be too strong for an infants delicate skin. 

***MAJOR TIP: Honey Butter and Honey Whip contains coconut oil. Please ensure your infant or toddler does not have a nut allergy prior to applying to their hair and scalp.